Understanding the new HomeBuilder grant to renovate or build your dream home

16.06.20 10:47 PM By Ari - Comment(s)
Find out more about using the new HomeBuilder grant to buy, build or renovate your dream home. Read our post for more information.

Six Principles for an Extraordinary Home

02.04.20 09:00 PM By Luke Davies - Comment(s)
Discover the six principles for transforming an ordinary house into an extraordinary home. We provide you with all the insights you need in this process.

Top Ten Time Saving Tips (When Building A Home)

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Seven Step Guide to Creating Your Forever Home

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MBA Awards for Excellence in Australia

09.09.19 12:01 PM By Luke Davies - Comment(s)
The Davies Design and Construction team is proud to have won three MBA Awards at the recent award dinner. We're proud to be the home builder of your choice!