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A site based on the remote and tranquil southern side of Mt. Roland, hugging the Marakoopa Creek, is where our Karst Cabin project unfolded. The project location was also within the greater Mole Creek Karst National Park and,  thus, required very delicate planning and building requirements.


Small, functional and respectful to its environment is where this story begins. 


The initial plans presented to us showed two large walls which were to be clad in natural stone. However, due to a lack of available stonemasons and prohibitive costs we suggested the use of rammed earth to maintain the same textural finish with the same environmental credentials which were very important to the client. Locally sourced hardwood timber (board+batten) was used for both the external cladding and a wrap-around verandah to evoke the idea that the cabin has been in place for decades already. Working with both of these natural products, specifically the repeated sequencing of the rammed earth process, was both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Even though the project has a relatively small footprint, the materiality demanded a high level of carpentry rarely experienced in more modern construction.


Anchored by the mass of rammed earth, the Karst Cabin is a place of refuge and solitude, sitting quietly amongst  the regenerating native forest so lovingly cared for by the inhabitants. 



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