Accessible Design

At Davies Construction, we are busting the myth that accessible design is ugly! It doesn’t have to be.

We understand at Davies Design and Construction that when you build your dream home, that you want to stay there for a very long time! And that’s why offer accessible design services, to ensure your home is equipped with the right specs and facilities for needs like wheelchairs
access including wide doorways and ramps.

Did you know that one in five people identify as having a permanent or ongoing impairment? This is why we believe our role in the luxury design and construction sector is extremely important.

We also get that even though a home needs to be functional for disabled access, it still needs to look amazing. We are equipped with all of the knowledge and skills to ensure you home looks incredible and has the functionality that you may need one day, or already do require. Build with confidence, purpose – AND STYLE.

Have a chat to one of the team at Davies Construction to let us know what your needs are and we will accommodate your needs with style in design.

Everything in our plan range can also be customised to suit needs for your luxury forever home.

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